Taxidermy Mounts

Mountain Goat Taxidermy mount for sale. O-119MG


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* Vintage class of taxidermy

* Good thickness and length to hair

* Bowed neck pose, looking forward



This is a Mountain Goat with an unusual pose. This goat is leaning forward and then “crooking” the neck around to look almost straight forward into the room. A nice sized goat with good horn lengths of 8 2/8″ each. Bases measure 4 6/8″ (inches) each. Good hair length and thickness, but not a bright white. Good overall appearance and quality of workmanship. This is an older mount and qualifies in our vintage class of taxidermy. Mild ear damage has been sustained at some point (see photos).

Mount hangs on a single, well-secured fastener. Add this mount to a collection of North American wildlife species or use as a feature item. Great piece for the lodge, cabin or business.