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Bison Taxidermy Skull for sale. O-120BI


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* Authentic Bison skull

* Horns 16 4/8″ each


Here we have a classic bison (North American buffalo) skull for sale. This skull was from a cow buffalo, so has smaller diameter and length of horns than a bull would. Even so, this bison has good horn size for a cow, with each side measuring 16 4/8″(inches) long! As is common, this skull does not have the lower jaw, but does have upper teeth intact.

Overall skull size is 28″ long and 22″ wide. Distance between the tips is 12 7/8″. Purchase this skull to display on a flat surface or hang on the wall. Add to a collection of North American big game skulls or use as feature piece for the lodge, home, cabin or business.