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Bison/Buffalo Skin/Hide for sale. O-117B


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* Great sized rug over 9′ x 6′

* Classic Western taxidermy item

* Nice quality rug



Here is a great sized Bison (or buffalo) skin. Overall measures 108″ inches in total length and is 80″ wide. An overall nice quality of hide, with minor holes in the back (see attached photos), which is pretty common for such items. Sadly there is a faded section on this item due to it having been stored in an area of direct sunlight. Because of this, I have rated this item as merely “Nice”. It still is a distinct Western America item that can look good for display in the cabin or lodge setting, but lacks the coloring that is most desirable. This item has been priced accordingly and someone will get a classic item that can still be appreciated for years to come.