Taxidermy Mounts

Bison/Buffalo Taxidermy Mount for sale. O-116B


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* Head down, facing forward

* Horn lengths of 15 6/8 & 11 6/8″

* Good hair color and thickness



This is a nice sized bison (North American buffalo). Mount features a sneak pose looking down and forward. This mount actually is made to hang with nose near a base of either water or grasses. It displays good hair length and coloring. This bison has average sized horns with lengths being 15 6/8″ and 11 6/8″. The left horn has been broken at some point (prior to mounting) so is not as proportionate as we like to see. Good workmanship on the taxidermy and over all subject and condition earn this shoulder mount a rating of “Nice”. Also we took into account that it has minor ear damage on one side, which is not noticeable until one is up close.

As mentioned above, this mount has a typical size of horns for the species. The right horn has a base measurement of 6 7/8″ while the left is slightly larger at 7 0/8″ (inches). The distance between the tips is 15 5/8″ with a maximum width of 22 4/8″.

This is a large mount and requires adequate space for display. It measures 34″ deep (from wall to nose) x 23″ wide x 43″ high (or tall). Mount hangs from a single, well secured screw. If one desires this mount to be displayed without the terrain base, we recommend a higher display for full view of the animals nose and face. See attached photos for different angle views.