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Shiras Bull Moose Taxidermy Mount for Sale. O-115M

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* Great antler size

* Excellent pose and coloring

* “Premier” taxidermy listing



This is a very large sized shoulder mount Shiras Moose for sale. He has great thick dark hair (almost black) with an area of lighter brown over the face. (See attached photos) Featuring a classic pose with head forward and facing his right, this is a great addition to any collection of North American big game. Moose make a great addition to any cabin, lodge, home or business and look great with a fireplace! Deep, dark colored moose are great for focal points in any room. We have awarded this mount a rating of “Premier” for overall workmanship and subject appeal.

Antlers measure 38 2/8″ at the widest outside points. Palm lengths are 24″ and 24 3/8″. Moose mounts (or antlers) require extra area for proper display due to their large size, so make sure this item has enough space to be fully seen and appreciated. Overall mount dimensions for this bull are: 48″ deep (from wall into room) x 50″ high/tall x 40″ wide.

This taxidermy listing has detachable antlers for easier moving, cleaning and storing. As with most shoulder mounts, this bull hangs on a single, well-secured screw or lag bolt. As this is a heavier item than average, extra care is required to verify solid mount support. Add this great bull to any collection or use him as a feature item for the lodge, home or business.