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Jacobs Ram (4 Horn Sheep) Shoulder Mount

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* Great colored ram

* 4 Large horns with good mass

* 16″ x 32″ x 20″ mount dimensions



This is a great example of a Jacobs Ram. Also called a 4 horn ram. This one has a very diverse range of colors in an abstract pattern making a great look. This ram has a good curly coat. He has 4 great horns (see attached photos) with good horn weight and length. Each horn ranges in length from 14″ to 17″ in length. The two lower horns have a traditional type curl to each side of the face, while the upper horns each have a curl and partial twist to their growth.

This mount has a great heads up looking forward pose. Overall mount dimensions are 16″ width by 32″ high by 20″ deep (from the wall to the front of nose).

Length of horns: upper right – 16 1/8″ lower right – 15 5/8″ upper left – 16 6/8″ lower left – 13 4/8″