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Rocky Mountain Goat Taxidermy Mount for sale. O-118G

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* Beautiful white coat

* Classic pose- head forward

* Over 9 inch horns with 5″ bases



This is a beautiful mount of a Rocky Mountain Goat. Posed with head forward, looking forward. This “Billy” features huge horns that are over 9″ (inches) in length with bases that measure 5″ each. A great sized set of horns on this goat which is clothed in a long, thick, white fur. Mounts like these are focal points to a collection of North American big game species. Also he could stand alone as a feature piece in the home, cabin, lodge or business.

This taxidermy mount has earned a rating of “Nice”. We had to hold him back from a higher score because he has suffered some damage to the ears at some point. While they have been repaired, he is not as pristine as we would like to see for a higher grade. Never the less, he has great white coloring with trophy class horn size and would look very attractive in any setting.

Overall mount dimensions are: 25″ high x 16″ wide x 24″ deep. Mount hangs from a single well secured screw or fastener. Easily hangs for immediate display and appreciation. Horn measurements: right side has length of 9 1/8″ with a 5 0/8″ base. Left side measures 9 2/8″ long with a base of 5 0/8″.