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Mountain Goat Shoulder Mount for sale. O-117G

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* Trophy Class “Billy”

* Horn lengths over 9″ each

* Great white, long hair



This Mountain Goat has trophy class horns and an excellent mount and pose! We are pleased to offer this taxidermy mount as a “Excellent” item that would compliment any collection of North American game species. Aside from having great horns, this “Billy” has great thick, white hair with good length. He makes a terrific example of his species. Display him proudly in any home, cabin, lodge or business! The only fault we can find in this exceptional mount is that he has a minor flaw at the tip of one ear. (See attached photos)

The horns on this large male measure 9 3/8″ and 9 1/8″ in length with circumferences of 5 3/8″ and 5 2/8″. Between the tips (greatest spread) measures at 5 7/8 inches. He achieves a gross score of 29 1/8″. This score would qualify him as a Silver Class Trophy with the SCI scoring.

The mount features a head forward pose and is looking slightly to his left into the room. He hangs from a single, well secured screw. Overall mount dimensions are 28″ (inches) high x 18″ wide x 22″ deep. Add this item as a center/focal point to a collection, or use him as a stand alone piece.