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Taxidermy Mounts

Pronghorn taxidermy for sale. A-130PS

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* Good sized horns over 13 inches

* Nice colored mount with classic pose



This is a classic head up, looking forward pose Pronghorn mount. He has good horn size with lengths of 14 0/8″ (right side) and 13 4/8″ (left side). Excellent taxidermy workmanship, but we had to dock this mount for damage to tips of each ear. (See attached photos) Aside from this, a great looking buck with good horn size and pose.

Total mount dimensions are 34″(inches) tall x 13″ wide x 22″ deep. A good colored antelope that will go great with a North American big game collection. Displays on a single fastener with bracket included. A nice animal to show in the home, cabin, lodge or business.