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Antelope Taxidermy Mount for sale. A-125P


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* “Premier” designated taxidermy work

* Great Pronghorn specimen

* Overall 37″ H x 34″ W x 23″ D



Here we have a great trophy class Pronghorn Antelope with a plaque. Taxidermy workmanship is excellent with a great pose and look. We have awarded this mount a “Premier” rating for overall quality. Mount has been done with a pedestal finish. Plaque also features some terrain background for added effect. He would make a great addition to any collection of North American big game species or as a stand alone item. Feature him in the home, cabin, lodge or business.

The horns on this buck measure at 14 0/8″ and 13 7/8″(inches) with bases of 5 5/8″ and 5 4/8″. Nice width and horn color with good rakers. This buck as excellent hair thickness and coloring. A great example for the species!

Over all mount dimensions are: 37″ high x 34″ wide x 23″ deep. He hangs on a single well secured screw.

Brass at the base of the plaque is inscribed with “Fergus County” (Montana) 2001. See attached photos.