Taxidermy Mounts

Whitetail trophy class taxidermy for sale. W-151S


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* Excellent quality taxidermy item

* Great pose and form

* 13 total points on a heavy rack



Here is a nice trophy class Whitetail taxidermy mount. Great pose with a head up and slight right turn, looking forward into the room. Nice heavy rack with decent width and length. This is a great looking item if you are looking to buy taxidermy for your lodge, cabin, home or business. Workmanship is beautiful and the subject is a unique rack.

The rack has a total of 13 points with 5 on the right and 8 on the left side (see attached photos). One point on the right side either broke off during growth or never fully developed, as it has a slight hollow in the antler at the end. The left side however, has extra points (or tines) coming out of the eye guard as well as branching off the back of the main beam. Nice heavy beams on this buck with a good spread as well. Widest measurement is 21″ measured on the outside. The greatest inside measurement is 17 1/2″ between beams.

The overall mount size is 36″ high x 24″ wide x 30″ deep (wall into room). Deer hangs on a single fastener. Bracket for hanging is already installed. Use this buck to compliment a collection of North American big game species or use as a stand-alone item.