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Wildebeest Hide/Skin for sale. X-145WI


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* Overall size 75″ x 56″

* Great tan, brown, black rug

* Hard to find skin/hide



This is a soft tanned hide or skin from an African Black Wildebeest. This hide exhibits great colors ranging from light tan to browns to black. Good hair length and thickness on this professionally tanned skin. The black wildebeest is also known as the White-Tailed Gnu. They are seen often in documentaries or films involving African plains wildlife, but the hides are not often come across.

Add this nicely done skin that measures approximately 75″ total length and 56″ wide. This item could be used as a rug, draped over a couch or rod, or hung on the wall. Accent a collection of African mounts with this item or use as a feature piece in the home, cabin, lodge or business. A great opportunity to purchase this taxidermy skin that is hard to find!