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Desert Big Horn Ewe Shoulder Mount O-116S

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* Great Desert Big Horn ewe mount

* Excellent Grade

* Mount size: 22″ x 23″ x 14″



Here we have a great and rare to find mount of a Desert Big Horn sheep ewe. The rams are often seen, but the ewes are a different story… This taxidermy mount features the ewe with her head forward and facing slightly to the right. (See attached photos) Desert Big Horns are one of the most sought after mounts and are also one of the hardest to acquire species. They make an amazing center piece to a collection or as a stand alone display for the home or business.
This ewe mount has total dimensions of 22″ deep x 23″ high x 14″ wide. The taxidermy quality is excellent on this item. Good hair coloring and quality, combined with a nice pose.