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Bighorn Ram European Mount on plaque. S-125B

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* Beautiful skull and horn mount

* Net score of 163 0/8″ (Boone & Crockett)

* Tilted display plaque


Here is a great looking Big Horn Sheep skull with horns mounted on a wall display plaque. Starting with the skull, this is an excellent item. Professionally cleaned and attached to a solid wood, tilted table plaque. This makes it easier to see the horns and display on a wall. The horns of this ram are beautiful. Bases just around 15″ with lengths over 32″ (inches) each. As is common with Big Horn rams, the tips are worn from combat and have broken off tips. (See attached photos)

Given the large size of these horns and the workmanship on the skull and plaque, we have ranked this taxidermy treasure as “Premier”. A great quality sheep item that will display well in the home, lodge or business. Use this item as a stand alone statement piece or add to a collection of North American big game species. Either way, this ram will be appreciated in any environment. This ram was properly harvested and has the plug in the horn from being checked.

Big Horn rams are heavy items and require a well secured fastener such as a lag screw for proper display. Mount comes with bracket for easy hanging and display. Overall size is 24″ high/tall x 19″ wide x 14″ deep.

Base circumferences of 14 5/8″ & 15 1/8″.
1st Q circumference: 14 0/8″ and 14 2/8″
2nd Q circumference: 12 4/8″ and 12 2/8″
3rd Q circumference: 8 6/8″ and 8 2/8″
Lengths of horn: 33 2/8″ and 32 4/8″