Taxidermy Mounts

Caribou Shoulder Mount taxidermy for sale. O-116C


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* Great pose with excellent coloring

* Very large antlers

* Overall rack width of 41″



Here we have a large Barren Ground Caribou from Eastern Canada. This mount is head forward, looking forward with a slight left turn. Beautiful coloring and hair thickness on this cape. Great antler size with large double “shovels”. Inside maximum measurement is 39″ (inches) between. Outside measures 41″ at the widest spread. This bull is a great representative of the species and just misses the grade of “Premier”. The only thing holding him back from this rating is that his horns are a little loose, although still fully secure to the mount.

Overall mount size is 55″ high x 41″ wide x 38″ deep. Purchase this taxidermy for display in the lodge, cabin, home or business. Display as a stand alone item or incorporate with other North American big game species for a collection. This mount hangs on a single, well-secured fastener. Allow ample room for a full appreciation of this trophy class bull from Canada.