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Dall Ram Taxidermy Mount for sale. S-126DA

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* Nice Alaskan Dall’s Sheep Ram

* Horn lengths over 26 inches

* Classic head up pose



This is a great looking Dall Sheep ram from Alaska. He has a stately appearance with his head up and just slightly turned looking to his right looking into the room. Typical horn size for Dall sheep which carry lighter beams than other members of the wild sheep species.

This ram has a nice sized set of horns with lengths of 26 5/8″ and 27 2/8″. Bases measure 10 6/8″ and 11 1/8″. Distance between the tips is 25 4/8″ (inches).

Dall sheep have a distinctive look given their white hair color differentiating them from most other species. The are primarily found in the mountains of Alaska and some parts of Canada.

We have rated this mount a score of Excellent. Quality taxidermy workmanship and a nice representative of the species. Mount hangs on a single, well secured fastener. Overall mount dimensions are 32″ high x 27″ wide x 23″ deep.