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Pronghorn Antelope Shoulder Mount for sale A-114P

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* Nice heads up, facing forward pose
* Good size with 10 7/8″ spread



In addition to having great coloring, this pronghorn buck has great patterns on the neck. (See attached photos) This is a very nice Pronghorn Antelope buck with a nice heavy rack and good horn length. This mount features a head up, looking forward pose.
Pronghorn antelope are a great attention piece in any collection of North American big game species. Both sexes of the species have horns, but the male has a much larger size and mass as well as having “cutters”, which are the part of the horn that grows forward from the main beams. This buck would go great with any collection in the home or the business.

This particular mount has a size of 21″ deep x 12″ width x 30″ high. Maximum width of horns are 10 7/8″. Horn lengths are at 12 4/8″ (inches) each which makes this a nice trophy sized mount.