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Pronghorn taxidermy mount for sale. A-133P

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* Great coloring and pattern

* “Premier” quality mount

* Excellent pose and display item



This is a Premier example of a Western United States Pronghorn antelope! He has everything going for him from a pedestal/wall finish to great coloring and pattern. Also he displays superior quality workmanship and a great set of horns! It has everything that you would want to see in a Pronghorn mount.

Mount hangs from a single, well-secured nail or screw. Mount looks to his right looking towards the center or the room. A great species representative to add to a North American collection or as a stand alone item. Feature him in the home, lodge or business. Each horn measures about 15 inches (14 7/8″ and 14 6/8″) in length and there is distance of 11 4/8″ between the tips. Overall mount size is 36″ high x 21″ wide x 21″ deep.