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Dall Sheep Ram Shoulder Mount for sale. S-124D

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* Gorgeous Alaskan ram

* Horns of 25 6/8 and 26 0/8″ length

* Net score of 115 0/8″ (Boone & Crockett)

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This is a great looking Dall sheep taxidermy mount. He was harvested in the Wrangle Mountains of Alaska. This ram will make an excellent addition to a North American big game species collection or as part of the “Grand Slam” of North American sheep species. He features a classic pose with head up and facing forward. Dall sheep are a difficult to acquire species as they are found in limited areas of Northern Canada and parts of Alaska.
This ram has good sized horns, with lengths of 26 0/8 and 25 6/8″ (inches). Bases measure at 11 6/8 and 12 0/8″. Rack scores a net of 115 0/8″ (Boone & Crockett).
This nice ram has a even colored coat that easily distinguishes “Dall” from the other species of sheep. His horns have the typical checks and cracks that are common to rams. These are often found due to the fights that males engage in during the time of the rut.
Aside from minor horn wear, he does have an ear that has been damaged somewhere along the line. (See attached photos). It is noticeable on close inspection, but not immediately apparent depending on how he is displayed. Taking into account the damage to the ear as well as his overall size and pose, we have graded this mount as “Excellent”. He will make a terrific piece for the home, lodge or business as either a stand alone mount or in part of a larger collection.
This mount hangs on single, well-secured screw. Ram measures 24″ wide x 28″ high x 22″ deep.