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Springbok Pedestal Mount Trophy. X-135SB

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World Class

* SCI Gold Medal Class

* Solid wood pedestal base

* Great 16″ horns



Here we have an absolutely great taxidermy mount of an African Springbok (Springbuck) for sale! To start with the taxidermy work which is a pedestal mount that sits atop a solid wood, richly stained base. The workmanship is wonderfully done on this buck. The only fault with this piece is the seams that are along the sides of the nose. (See attached photos) Pose features alert ears and a head up, while facing forward directly into the room. This buck is a top of class example for the species and will look great with any collection.

Now about the horns on this SCI Gold Medal buck… To start with, the horns lengths measure an incredible 16 2/8″ and 16 3/8″ (right and left)! An absolute trophy with amazingly horns. The bases measure 6 2/8″ each. The horn tips curl in and then slightly back at the tips. Total score for SCI is 45 1/8″.

The taxidermy mount is easily removed from the pedestal with a wood dowel that holds it in place. The back of this buck has been covered with a piece made from the cape. (See attached photos) Mount can be located to allow for viewing from all angles, with no drop off in quality or appearance. Display this terrific Springbok in any collection of African game or use as a show piece for the business, home or showroom.