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Springbok Taxidermy shoulder mount for sale. X-134SB

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* Silver medal size horns (SCI)

* Classic pose

* Excellent coloring



Here we have a great colored male Springbok shoulder mount for sale. This buck has all the typical markings for the species with great color and hair quality. Springbok have a unique horn shape that grows up and then curves in toward the other horn, making them easy to distinguish by their horns alone. They are native to Africa and are a very popular species on the continent.

This taxidermy mount has a head up pose and looks forward into the room. Horns on this mount are well above average for size and have earned him a rating of Silver Medal for raw score. Horns measure 12 4/8″ and 12 5/8″ with bases at 5 4/8″ each. Total size is 36 1/8″ (inches). Very good workmanship on the buck and great coloration and horn size have led us to award this mount as “Excellent”. We would have rated him higher but for some marks under the left eye that are slightly detracting. (See attached photos).

Overall mount dimensions are 19″ deep x 28″ high x 14″ wide. Allow adequate space for this head to be properly displayed. Mount is attached with a single, well secured screw. He would go great with a collection of exotic or African mounts.